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Refund Policy

  • All Services offered by Neat Circle are pre-paid, or are on a prepaid subscription basis, which are non-refundable. Based on the purchased services, Neat Circle is required to add such services to softwares immediately after the purchase which may incur a fee. The account setup process is initiated immediately after the purchase. The monthly maintenance services are initiated by the monthly recurring subscription. All sales are final. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate access to Neat Circle at any time without notice or refund, if we determine that you have violated our Terms of Service. Terminated accounts will not receive partial credit. No refunds or credits are applicable as software fees and labor costs are incurred by Neat Circle once the payment has been processed for both the initial purchase fees and the monthly recurring subscription fees.

  • Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel your subscription(s) at any time by logging into your account and following the instructions on your account dashboard for cancellation or by contacting us at [email protected]. Such cancellation notice must be sent by the account owner or an authorized signatory. Inactivity does not constitute automatic cancellation, so unless you submit your cancellation request via your dashboard, you will continue to be charged for subscription to the Services. All cancellation requests will take effect at the end of the current subscription period in which the cancellation request is made, and you will be responsible for all fees and any applicable taxes and other charges rendered up through the cancellation date. You may request more information in regards to cancelling services with Neat Circle by sending an email to [email protected]. Cancellation requests made after either the initial purchase charge or the monthly recurring subscription charge will only stop all the following monthly recurring subscription fees from being charged. Neat Circle does not refund partial month payments. Upon finalization of a cancellation request regarding a service/subscription: No future payments will be processed, all work will cease to continue, all data corresponding to the service will be discarded, and access to the platform for that subscription will not be available for your client.

  • Media Buying Services

  • Facebook Ads & Google Ads: Pausing an entire campaign, pausing ads, or shutting down a campaign for a brief period is not related to your subscription fees paid to Neat Circle. Pausing any part of the service will not pause the subscription fees you pay to Neat Circle for such service. If the credit card on file in the Facebook/Instagram platform used to pay for the ad spend is declined and as a result the ads are not running, this also is not related to your subscription fees paid to Neat Circle. Subscription fees will be collected regardless of the status of the ads/campaign as software fees and labor costs are still incurred. To cancel/stop the subscription fees related to a campaign from Neat Circle, you must submit a cancellation request from within your account or contact Neat Circle at least seven days prior to your next bill date as mentioned above.

  • Bill Date Adjustment

  • Bill dates are issued when your initial payment is processed, the same date will be used moving forward on a month to month basis. Neat Circle integrates directly to multiple softwares and directly to our fulfillment centers, due to the strict scheduling to operate on a global level, bill dates can not be adjusted or moved.

  • Declined Payments

  • Declined payments for active subscriptions may result in service interruption. If for any reason, a payment for an active subscription is declined, you must contact Neat Circle immediately to resolve the delinquent payment. Neat Circle may contact you to resolve the issue, but the responsibility to resolve the issue resides on the account owner. You may update your payment information through the Neat Circle platform. If the issue can not be resolved immediately, a grace period of up to 5 business days will be granted in which services will continue, and all corresponding data will remain in our system. During the grace period, if you do not communicate with Neat Circle in regards to satisfying the balance, or if you are unreachable, Neat Circle may attempt to process the payment with the credit card that was previously authorized on the account. Once the grace period is over, and no communication was made, or if you were unreachable, Neat Circle will treat the subscription as a cancellation. To prevent service interruption, loss of data, and reactivation to a previously active subscription, be sure to communicate with Neat Circle prior to the declined payment or directly after.

  • Chargebacks

  • We work to resolve any disagreements with our clients mutually. In the event a chargeback is initiated with our merchant, we will assess your account with a $50.00 fee, per chargeback, regardless of the outcome. In addition, any outstanding balances accumulated as a result of the chargeback(s) will have to be paid before we reactivate the subscription, render any service, or share any files. Following a chargeback that was not resolved, the client will be banned from using the Neat Circle platform and all related Neat Circle services.

  • Disputes

  • In the event a dispute is initiated, we will assess your account with a $50.00 fee, per dispute, regardless of the outcome. Any disputes related in any way to the service/subscription may lead to legal proceedings. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction regarding any legal proceedings which will be governed in the State of Florida. You agree not to initiate any legal proceeding against Neat Circle in any other state. Following a dispute, the client will be banned from using the Neat Circle platform and all related Neat Circle services.